Tim van Uden

Tim van Uden started his fiscal career at VWGNijhof in 2008. Tim joined the Tax Compliance Center of Deloitte Amsterdam in 2009.

During this period, Tim specialized in tax assurance and risk management processes. Furthermore, he was responsible for the execution of migrated tax compliance processes in the Shared Service Center in India.

In 2015, Tim joined Advance Tax Compliance to strengthen the team. As per January 1st 2019, Tim has been appointed partner.

Tim has been/ is, amongst others, responsible for:

  • development and implementation of made to measure end-to-end business control frameworks;
  • Global Tax Reporting Solution developed by Advance Tax Solutions;
  • development and maintenance of the tax technology platform of Advance Tax Solutions;
  • design and implementation of global compliance management solutions;
  • implementation of the ThomsonReuters ONESOURCE solutions;
  • development, design and implementation of a flexible, enterprise specific Country-by-Country reporting and analysis solution;
  • development, design and implementation of an enterprise specific Global Cash Tax Forecasting solution;
  • development, design and implementation of an enterprise specific Global Loss Forecasting solution;
  • analysis, reclaim and process improvement of the global withholding tax processes of multinationals.
  • NL support activities / new release testing / development and training for Thomson Reuters Direct Tax Compliance products (e.g. ONESOURCE Corporate Tax Netherlands; formerly known as Abacus).


 +31 6 33331486