John Bruijns

John Bruijns started his career at the Tax Reporting and Strategy department of PwC as a tax consultant in 2012. 

During the period at PwC, John gained experience in Tax Accounting and Tax Compliance. During his time at PwC he was responsible for the preparation and validation of tax computations for IFRS/Statutory Accounts purposes with audit teams (Audit of Tax). Furthermore, he was responsible for the preparation of corporate income tax returns (stand alone and fiscal unities) of international clients, with headquarters based in the US and Asia. John has a keen interest in software and in his time at PwC he was responsible for testing and developing the tax return software. In 2017, John joined the Dutch tax authorities as a financial investigator. 

In 2018, John joined Advance Tax Compliance to strengthen the team. John is, amongst others, responsible for:  

  • The preparation of complex (fiscal unity) corporate income tax returns of various international operating clients; 
  • Global Tax Reporting Services for international operating clients; 
  • Development of the tax technology platform of Advance Tax Solutions; 
  • Design and implementation of Global Compliance Management Solutions; 
  • Implementation of the Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE solutions; 
  • Global Tax Reporting Solution developed by Advance Tax Solutions; 
  • Development, design and implementation of a flexible, enterprise specific Country-by-Country-reporting and analysis solution; 
  • NL support activities / new release testing / development and training for Thomson Reuters Direct Tax Compliance products (e.g. ONESOURCE Corporate Tax Netherlands). 

 +31 6 58911148